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Here is the FULL LIST of the COPY for my 75 ‘Long’ adverts.

N.B. most of these ads are NOT Type set, just my original copy.

Please also note that I started this creative journey back in June 2013, with only three colours (not Full Colour which I have now), and NO Experience in writing Suicide Prevention. I have learned by trial and error, gained more confidence, now have full colour and use pictures to tell the story to draw and entice my readers into the ad. I have also learned to try to say MORE – with less!

For some of my best and latest work see ‘Latest Adverts’ on this menu bar, but please be aware  I use many of these earlier adverts as a STARTING point for an upgraded version, I will NOT reproduce old adverts without editing with the above in mind.

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  1. Introduction & Statistics – 22,342 Suicides in last decade! Setting the scene!
  2. Emotional Pain – They say 2 things in life are certain. Death and Taxes. But …
  3. 5 Antidotes to Suicide – 5 practical, sensible things to do – instead of Suicide!
  4. No Light at the end of the tunnel or is it the headlights of an oncoming train??
  5. Suicide Hurts! Heaps!!! For every 1 Suicide. 6 others are severely impacted!
  6. Heartbreak Hotel – so many Suicide are ‘Love Life’ related. Thank you Elvis x
  7. Instead of a Rope or a Gun! Poem – with my grateful thanks to Jeff Kennett.
  8. Have you got BAD STUFF – in your head! Even Deputy Premiers get depressed!
  9. Stand by Me – Each and everyone of us needs someone – to ‘stand bye YOU!
  10. Hang onto a little smile inside your heart – A little positive poem with Sunshine
  11. Joseph Barritt Many accidents happen with our children precious children.
  12. Numbers Quiz – did YOU know! Dial 000 if YOU are at immediate risk of suicide!
  13. I’m a bitch I’m a Lover 2 – ‘Not a perfect personality‘? Still a beautiful person!!!
  14. ‘Payback’ Suicide – Many people Suicide partly to ‘get back’ – at someone else.
  15. Behind Closed Doors – by NOT sharing troubles. We’re at greater risk of Suicide
  16. Hands – The AWESOME POWER. Of hands. Holding Hands. Poem.
  17. Our ‘Secret Weapon’ against Suicide – Our most Beautiful Aussie Females!
  18. Suicide Prevention for Professionals – Higher rates of Suicide/depression in …
  19. Yes You Can! ‘Think you can’t handle it any more. Think again. YES YOU CAN!
  20. You Don’t Have to Hurt Alone – 2 people 2 gether. A Life Saving number!!!
  21. Find me somebody to Love – If UR Dog thinks you are the best thing on 2 legs??
  22. Grief is the Price we Pay for Love – Enduring. Surviving. Overcoming Grief!
  23. Losing Hope! – Jeff Kennett stars again. ‘There is no life without Hope!
  24. On Not going to Funerals – ‘Don’t let your Grief – get too hungry’!
  25. Living in the Now – ‘Now. It’s the only time we really ever have’!
  26. The Flip Side of Christmas – ‘Friends welcome any time. Family, by appt. only!’
  27. Taking the Stig out of Stigma – Changing attitudes – starring Michael Jackson.
  28. Clouds Bring Rain – A different way to look at – and experience depression.
  29. RU Feeling BAD – about feeling SAD!   Put your energy into ‘healing’ yourself!
  30. Words Bee Gees. When you pick up UR phone – but are too upset to speak!
  31. Just gotta get a message to you. Bee Gees. Ways to tell someone UR hurting!
  32. WANTED! Smiley! No1 Antidote to Suicide!  Happiness, humour and +ve thinking.
  33. Wake Up Check List. Waking up in YOUR morning. With everything you need!
  34.  The Blaming Game. The Farmer’s Infallible Fault Finding Flow Chart!
  35. ‘Yes WE CAN!’ 7 Aussies/day now taking their own lives! Can we reduce Suicides?
  36. Never Have to Cry Alone. If U have got lots of crying to do. No one has 2 cry alone!
  37. Some things are better left unsaid. Or are they really???
  38. Staying in touch with reality. Staying in touch with what’s going on in your life!
  39. Emotional Heart Atta! Don’t do what I did when I had a real Heart Attack!
  40. ‘Still Crazy – after all these years!’ For all those Differently Emotionally Abled!
  41. ‘Emotional Pain Revisited’. A message – with love from New York!
  42.  Sponsor Required in the Stock Journal. ‘It doesn’t cost a Rocket!!’
  43. No Morphine 4 Suicide‘. Quote from current S.A. Suicide Prevention Strategy
  44.  Pulling out all stops! 5 important steps to get help and stay alive!
  45. 2014 Community Smiley Awards. When U smile – the whole world smiles with U!
  46. An urgent, Life Saving Call to every Doctor. Sign in Doctor’s Waiting Rooms!
  47. Look up and Live. Spend UR time gazing at UR shoes? U’ll end up with the Blues!
  48. A 5c Duty of Care to every voter! How many ‘Prevention Ads canU buy 4 $13.7M!
  49. Save Water – Shower with a Friend! There’s a new sign in the Heartbreak Hotel!
  50. Who Needs any excuse to drink champagne! Not just gloom/doom/depression!
  51. When the winds of changes blow – some build walls. others build windmills!
  52. Do You have a War raging in UR Life!  Xmas edition with ‘War is over if U want it!
  53. When we stop loving ourselves – We’re in Suicide prevention Territory!
  54. A better person than U! – We are NEVER better, NEVER worse than anyone else!
  55. ‘Murder, Domestic Violence and Suicide!’ So much Violence in our Communities!
  56. When UR heart breaks! – Take heart! Someone will always love you!
  57. Our Fears and Reality. How we handle our fears. Some happen. Some don’t!
  58. Things‘Things’ are not just ‘Things’ – when we get attached to them!
  59. Mates Helping Mates! Some do’s and don’t s of helping someone else!
  60. R U OK?? – Asking someone eLse this question, or answering it if asked!
  61. Trauma – The various types of Trauma, and those of us who experience them!
  62. A Black Dog Called Blue – It can ‘turn up’ on UR doorstep at ANY time!
  63. Some People feel the rain – some just get wet! How we ‘handle’ emotional pain!
  64. Working together to save precious lives. – Some basic general info.
  65. Women and Suicide – The ‘forgotten’ Gender in Suicide Prevention!
  66. Talk saves lives! Feeling Suicidal? It’s time to talk.
  67. Suicide Prevention EW0135-V70  Men behaving Sadly
  68. Stars can’t shine without darkness. Finding hope in the most unexpected places
  69. Bullying can kill! People can and do Suicide from being bullied!
  70. Be OK  I just want to BE OK, BE OK with Ingrid Michaelson.
  71. 2015 Smiley Award 2014. When you smile, the whole world smiles with you!
  72. Message in a bottle Never give up! A Life jacket for UR heart!
  73. Big yellow Taxi When home is where the hurt is!
  74. 10 Ways to Love someone with Depresssion. Some tips from some1 who knows!
  75. Somewhere over the rainbow Finding Hope, Dreams and Happiness. 


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