Domestic Violence

My first ‘Shark Fin’ Domestic Violence Ad came out in ‘The Leader’ on March 5th 2014, and went in the Stock Journal March 20. 5 Ads are displayed below.

 Immediately underneath them – just click on the pic to enlarge or on the Title to DOWNLOAD or ENLARGE…

below this are some notes about them.

Are You Safe in Your own Home

 Gun Knife and other violence Hey Joe

My Bodys no Bodys Body but mine

Child Sex Abuse

Slip out the back Jacque1

1. Are You Safe in Your own Home?

2. Guns and Knives

3. My Body’s no Body’s Body but MINE

4. Domestic Violence 2. E 2. Slip out the back Jaque

5. Domestic Violence 4 E 1 Child Sex Abuse

These Ads come from a special place deep inside my heart – after 50 years of living with the effects of a violent sexual attack in 1967, just 3 week’s short of my 16th birthday.

What is the link between Domestic Violence and Suicide and why do these Ads appear on this Prevention Site?

1. Because Domestic Violence, sexual assault and harassment causes many Suicides.

2. It is a HUGE problem worldwide – and in my opinion can be greatly reduced by        appropriate advertising.

For those most valued and very welcome visitors visiting this site from outside Australia, please note that this 1800RESPECT number and 1800551800 Kids Line are ONLY for Australian callers.

best wishes from

Tim Barritt.

 Updated 31.5.17.