From little things …

From little things. Big things grow!

Unlike Bushfire Awareness and Road Safety Advertising where a 4 word slogan can save so many lives like:- Don’t Drink and Drive, Slow down – and Live and One Spark can destroy a Park – the very complex nature of emotional and situational issues which cause Suicide – do NOT lend themselves to such simple and immediate positive results. This is why my Ads are approx 450 words long which automatically limits the ‘audience’ who will read it.

Update March 21, 2014. Please now also refer to my new Series of 8 ’50 Word Short Grab’ Ads – which are now appearing Monthly in ‘The Leader’. 

But there are many, many ways to skin a cat!

To understand where these Ads may best be employed – we also think about what result we want to achieve as follows …

  • To create an awareness within our Communitys that there is a body of general, sensible, down to earth and very broad ranging Suicide Prevention information which is aimed at ‘Whole of Community’, NOT just the ‘Traditional’ at risk groups like Males, Rural and remote etc, and not just targeting depression.
  • To begin to disseminate this Life Saving information into the Community to those who are open to receiving it and ideally …
  • To educate people as to where they can access this Life Saving information, e.g. like internet, Local Councils, doctors surgeries – the list goes on.

We should also be aware of the 2 pronged ‘attack’ of creative, clever advertising as follows … 

  1. They should be designed to save lives NOWbeing read by someone ‘at immediate risk’, but being good ’emotional first aid’ – this information could be used by someone or a ‘connection’ of someone who becomes ‘at risk’ in 10 year’s time!
  2. They are also designed to be read, understood and acted on by wives, lovers, family, friends, workmates, neighbours etc – who can be of enormous help to a potentially Suicidal person.

So the ‘target audience’ is HUGE.

I have started with my large local newspaper – in my case called ‘the heartbeat of the Barossa’working on the assumption the a good, general cross section of the Community will will become more Suicide Prevention aware.

But YOU may well have your own places for it like Facebook etc.

From little things … Big things grow!

Tim Barritt. x


Updated 7.7.15.