Data and Stats from 1921 – 2014

For 15p pdf which contains Australian Suicide Stats from 1921 to recently released 2015 Suicide Stats and Road Fatalities from 1970, click here Suicide-and-Road-Fatality-Stats-E-14-12-16-with-Graph-and-all-Data-used

Please note this 15p pdf contains …

  • The last decade of actual deaths from Road/Suicide.
  • My new Graph of last 33 years of above expressed in 
  • ‘The Crude’ figures /100,000 of population
  • All the ‘Raw data’ (except last 2 years) 
  • Which all the above was created from
  • And where this information can be accessed
  • On the internet.

Tim Barritt.

Updated 15.12.16.