Terms of Use

These Life Saving Ads are available for private and personal use  – totally for free and without my permission.

Reproduction in ANY form of media, printed, electronic etc – needs MY permission IN WRITING. 

Conditions may apply as follows …

  • At this point in time my adverts are available to any Community in Australia for the price of the Advertising space, paid directly to the paper, NOT to me.
  • I retain Full Control over the exact content and type setting of the Adverts. 
  • At the moment I am putting adverts into 2 Aussie papers in my ‘spare time’, and paying for the advertising space myself in N.S.W. but
  • If I (hopefully) get too much more, I may have to charge a fee/advert to pay for my time/expertise. (I need to make a living too.)

Copyright and all rights which are due to me under international Copyright terms and conditions apply.

Thank you from

Tim Barritt.

Updated 15.6.2020.