The Politics of Suicide in Australia

The Politics of Suicide in Australia.

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By Tim Barritt. Updated 31.7.16.

$5.5 Billion / Year on Infrastructure – $41 Million / Year on beyondblue

This is less the one percent of infrastructure expense amount,

with 1,153 Road Fatalities but 2,864 Suicides (1,711 more) – in 2014.

Our Physical ‘Infrastructure’ vs the ‘Emotional Roads’ of 24 Million Aussies.

Commonwealth/State Funding for beyondblue, 2014/15.

P2 of this download is from the Consolidated Financial Statements for Australia’s Peak body for Suicide Prevention beyondblue, for the year ended 30 June 2015, which tells us…

  • The Commonwealth, States and Territories contributed $41 Million to beyondblue
  • This was approx 78% on beyondblue total revenue for this financial year.

Federal Funding for infrastructure 2007-2014.

P3 is from Australian Parliamentary website which gives the ‘Estimated Actual’ Federal expentiture on infrastructure across Australia from 2007-2014, which tells us the following…

  • In these 7 years a total of $38,379 Million  was spent
  • or and average of $5,482 Million  per year
  • or approx $5.5 Billion/year.

Road Fatalities vs Suicides 1983-2013.

During this 33 year period Road Fatalities have gone from 22.27 /100,000 of population in 1980 to 4.90/100,000 in 2013, a reduction of 78%.

While Suicides were 10.9/100,000 in 1983, and were 12.2/100,000 in 2014.

In REAL Fatalities, this means 1,153 Road Deaths in 2014, while 2,864 Suicided.

In 2014  the then CEO of beyondblue, Ms Kate Carnell said the following, after the 2012/13 figures came out, 2,535 Aussies or nearly 7 Suicides/day.

”This represents a national tragedy and should act as a call to action for all Australians to tackle the issue of suicide”.

beyondblue media release 25.3.14.


I wonder if there is any Politician in Australia who is able to tell their electors and electors children – why it is that they think this situation has developed?

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The Politics of Suicide Prevention 12.1.16

Tim Barritt.

Updated 31.7.16.