A NEW way of delivering +ve Emotional Health changes and Suicide Prevention messages into our Communities.

This page represents 3 years hard work and thinking and doing – and after writing 108 Adverts since I started, 23rd June, 2013.

During this time I have been striving to find NEW, innovative ways to attract a BROAD readership across ALL genders and ages… to use more pictures which will ‘lure’ the reader into the ad, and say MORE, with LESS.

below you will find

  • some of my most recent adverts
  • My BBC podcast of ‘Health Check’ interview March 2016.
  • 7 Minute YOU TUBE video of myself featuring my faithful Sheep Dog Angel.
  1. Suicide Prevention Ad 107 Female Body Image
  2. Suicide Prevention Ad 106 The Science of the SNOG
  3. Suicide Prevention Ad 108 Echo Fake News
  4. Suicide Prevention Ad 100 Humor
  5. Suicide Prevention Ad 102 Echo – We R Family
  6. Suicide Prevention Ad 103 Echo A Shot of Love
  7. Suicide Prevention Ad 102 Guns
  8. Echo 3 Save Water  Shower with a friend!

My March 2016 BBC interview with Claudia Hammond (2 Psychology Degrees) of ‘Health Check’ and Professor Keith Hawton, Director of Suicide Research, Oxford University, with comment/critique of my ads. Intro re ‘fats’ takes about 1 min first.


If you want to know ‘who I am’, ‘what I look like’, where I live and what I do for a living – and why I have spent around $15,000 of my own money getting my adverts this far, press the You Tube play button below.

tim barritt.

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