Guiding Suicidal People into Professional Care

What these Ads are – and are not!

The whole idea of these Ads and this site is to raise awareness about the issues in and around Suicide re Prevention:- Emotional Health and positive thinking in general, then channel/guide the reader towards professional help if needed – namely Emergency 000 and help lines if urgent, and THEN into the Professional hands of Doctors. 

AFTER this ONLY (NOT INSTEAD) – my ads advocate people using those around them (partners, family, friends, workmates etc) as a third tier of support AND for this group of people to offer their own loving, caring support to those in need of it!

NOWHERE on any of these Ads or on this site – does is say or imply that I give – or am available for counselling.  

I have had 2 people contact me through the site for this reason. While I don’t ‘turn them away’ – I ask what ‘their situation’ is – and then direct them to the most appropriate Help Line/Doctor/Mental Health Professional as per my ads, for the last caller it was the S.A. Mental Health Triage 24/7 Help Line.

I earn my living running sheep and have just spent $10,000 of my own money paying for these ads over 12 months! Apart from giving my personal contact details and some information about me, this site is purely dedicated to displaying the ads and talking about the thinking/rationale behind them. 

Tim x.

Updated 26.12.15.