Sponsors Required

For anyone interested in funding/sponsoring my Suicide Prevention Ads.

I currently have 2 Sponsors for my Suicide Prevention.

My bi monthly Men’s Health Column in The Gawler ‘Bunyip’ (NOT part of this site) has been sadly been discontinued but was funded for 8 years now by the Gawler Health Foundation and Gawler Rotary, and

If you are considering funding/Sponsorship, (click here for a pdf of this page to print out/send to someone you think might be interested – PDF Sponsors Required

  • Your money goes DIRECT to the Newspaper concerned
  • I organise this with the paper and yourself
  • You just ‘make it happen!’
  • (I know – or can quickly find out for you how much the ads cost but
  • I will NOT put this info on this site as this is ‘commercially confidential’.)
  • Being anonymous means no one is going to ask you any questions 
  • Or go asking you to Sponsor something else but
  • But this MAY preclude you from claiming your payments as a Tax Deduction
  • OR claiming back the GST (you would need to check this with UR accountant first)
  • I am NOT an accountant but I have been told by the ATO
  • there is NO Tax deduction for Suicide Prevention.
  • However if you are Sponsoring,
  • Then you are advertising UR business – if you have one,
  • And my understanding is that you should (may) be able to claim both a Tax Deduction and the GST. Again you would need to check with UR accountant.
  • If you have any concerns about Public Liability
  • I refer you back to the Main menu bar
  • Listen to Professor Kieth Hawton’s views re this on BBC podcast
  • Read Home Page and goto ‘Disclaimer‘ on main menu bar.
  • Otherwise give me a ring.

I do NOT seek to accept or receive ANY money from you (or anyone else) … I earn my living running sheep!

  • But I write the Ads and ‘make them happen’.

My mobile number is 0402018163, or email info@suicidepreventionads.com or goto ‘Contact’ on main menu.

Would love to hear from you!

Tim Barritt. x

Updated 3.8.16.