Sponsor Required 620,000 Readers NSW

I want to expand my readership by placing ‘postcard’ Sized adverts in the early news section of the Saturday edition of the Sydney Morning Herald. (SMH), 620,000 readers.

As a potential sponsor, please note the following…

  • Your money goes DIRECT to the SMH to pay for the advertising space
  • My local Barossa paper ‘The Leader’ has kindly offered to type set these SMH ads for free.
  • My time, labor and expertise is all FREE…
  • I MAKE – or TAKE nothing.
  • You may choose to remain anonymous.

Working on a reader uptake of just 1 in 10…

  • Each reader uptake will cost around 7.5 cents AU (inc GST)
  • Based on the original (old) quote I received.

But this would reach 62,000 hearts and souls – every fortnight – right across NSW.

Please click on title below to see 4 ‘mock-up’ literally ‘cut and pasted’ from my ‘Leader’ ads

Four ‘Mockup’ ads for SMH

Your financial help will do three important things…

  1. Directly help and encourage those readers who may be struggling.
  2. Inform and educate those around them so they are better equipped to help and support.
  3. To highlight and demonstrate on a large scale a new way to reduce Suicides and increase our knowledge of and quality of the NSW Community’s Emotional Health and Well Being.

Since writing my first advert in the Barossa ‘Leader’ June 23, 2013, I have spent around $17,000 of my own hard earned money getting this far – currently writing my 136th fortnightly advert.

I simply do NOT have the sort of money needed for this new venture. I will accept a Donor/Sponsor for a single advert, or as many as he/she could afford.

I have deliberately NOT put the cost per advert on this page – out of respect for the confidentiality of the SMH.

Please contact me anytime for more detail:- goto ‘Contacts’ menu.


Tim Barritt.