Sponsor Required for Ads in SMH.

Thank you for considering Sponsoring a small number of Monthly Ads the in the early News Section of Saturday SMH. The readership of this edition is around 500,000, the next advert I propose to put in would be for around end Jan. ’24. 

As a potential Sponsor, please note the following…

  • I handle NO MONEY. 
  • Your potentially Life Saving Contribution goes
  • DIRECT to the SMH the Monday before the ad. comes out to ‘Book the Ad. in’ 
  • This is ONLY to pay for the Advertising space,
  • The design is done by SMH Design team for free,
  • I create the advert in conjunction with SMH Advert Section.
  • You are ONLY committing yourself for one Advert at a time, you are free to  discontinue at any other time.
  • Re editorial, there are (quite rightly) very tight restrictions on what I can say, and how I can say it …
  • The Sponsorship I am seeking is ONLY for outlining/explaining my 6 point Dream, which I expect would take (say) 5 more adverts.
  • So there’s no confusion, they will NOT BE my ‘Normal’ Suicide Prevention ads.
  • Out of Courtesy/Respect to SMH Commercial Integrity, I will only reveal the amount required once I have ascertained I am dealing with a serious, Fully Identified Person or Business, and possibly refer you to ‘my’ SMH Rep if needed, or for further information and verification. 
  • While I prefer your initial contact is by email through this site…
  • If you want to pick up your phone feel free,
  • On my farm I may be out of range for periods of time 
  • But if you leave a clear message and a contact,
  • I will be very happy to ring U back

Contacts on the Contact Page.

Please also know that your Interest, and Potential Sponsorship for Potentially Saving a HUGE # of Aussie Lives by making some BOLD, NEW and Radical Changes to the Aussie Suicide Prevention System…

Is Valued and Appreciated at this end,  more than you will know. 

many thanks


Tim Barritt.