The ‘WHY’ and the ‘HOW’ – of these Ads.

Saving precious lives by putting 

‘Positive, life saving messages into people’s minds and precious hearts!’

Why target ‘Whole of Community’?

*‘Many people who become suicidal do not have a mental illness. An acute situational crisis can lead to suicidal behaviour.’

* from beyondblue Suicide Information Paper 2012.

Any strategy which focuses ONLY on Depression, Males, ‘Rural and Remote’ or ‘at risk’ groups is going to ‘bypass’ a huge number of potentially suicidal people!

*Official ABS Statistics tell us that in the last decade, 22,865 Good salt of the earth Aussies committed suicide, including 5,130 Aussie Females! *ABS Statistics:- 2004- 2013. Press Road/Suicide Stats Menu button* for the raw figures  or press here now – Suicide and Road fatality Stats in Decade ending 2013 A accompanying quotes and opinion.

Unlike Road Accident Fatalities which have consistently shown a significant, continued downward trend* since their peak in 1970, there is NO SIGNIFICANT downward trend in suicides. Something is clearly not working with current strategies. If nothing new is done we can therefore reasonably expect to lose another 22,865 people through to 2024.

By recognising the potential to save a HUGE numbers of lives, these extremely cost effective Ads target our Whole Community (16+) – and do NOT rely on any additional changes to existing health delivery systems or Government Policy.

The ‘safety net’ into which Suicidal people are encouraged to fall into is made up of all the current existing Community ‘assets’ in the following order of priority…

  1. Emergency 000, Lifeline and Suicide Call back Lines. The ‘front line’!
  2. ANY Doctor. ANY place. ANY time. But preferably your own if possible.
  3.   Online websites beyondblue and Lifeline
  4. Partners, Lovers, Family, Mates, neighbours, friends, workmates, employers, clubs etc the Suicidal person’s very own and priceless ‘closest line of defence’!

The ‘mantra’ of the Ads is twofold:-

  • Suicidal people are encouraged – with love, sensitivity, and a dash of humour, to reach out for help.
  • Their closest connections, Lovers, Family, Mates, neighbours etc as above – are encouraged to reach out and offer love, caring help and support.

The Ads aim to save lives both short and long term

  • helping people NOW
  • but implanting these life saving messages in their hearts and minds  for the rest of their lives,
  • to work their magic for years to come.

The following very important groups of people are given special respect and attention –

Our Terminally ill. Their ‘right to die’ is acknowledged and respected.
Our Mentally Ill. They may have to work harder to stay alive and halfway happy.
Deceased people who have committed suicide and the many, many living ones who have attempted to. In Prevention, we look forward NOT back. Each and everyone’s life journey is respected. No criticism of anyone is given or implied!
Those who have been raped, sexually abused, bullied or who have suffered domestic or other violence or trauma. They are at higher risk of suicide.
Emergency and other ‘Services’in particular returned Services Personnel.
Aussie Females’! Usually completely overlooked but critically important in Prevention. They suffer too. They are more ’emotionally savvy’, more receptive to Prevention – and always ‘rubbing shoulders’ – with our Males.

      Tim Barritt. x   

Updated 28.5.16.