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This is the first time my work has been recognised by 2 highly regarded and  ‘credentialed’  people. Claudia Hammond is a well know and respected media personality who is also an author and psychologist. Professor Keith Hawton is currently the Director for the Centre for Suicide Research at Oxford University.To hear interview click once on arrow on left Hand Side to start. Podcast courtesy BBC.

I emailed the BBC Health Check Team early this year, at the same time I contacted ABC Radio National (Breakfast with Fran Kelly), ABC Regional Radio N.S.W. North and West (area covering Byron Bay where I am advertising). Also ‘The Australian’ twice, including the ‘Editor at Large’, The Melbourne ‘Age’, and the Adelaide ‘Advertiser’ (twice). I had literally NO RESPONSE at all. 

Whether the fact that the BBC Health Check team immediately realised the value of what I am doing says anything about the level of concern/comprehension of important issues – or the high level of Australian Political Correctness – regarding the 8 ‘Good Aussies’/ day who we are losing to Suicide is not for me to judge…

But the interview (Prof Hawton) debunks the myth that talking about Suicide in the media will ‘make more Suicides happen’ and …

Supports the main thrust of my advertising which is to encourage people to get Professional help.

But don’t take my word for it.

Take a listen.

Tim Barritt. 

Updated 15.6.2020.